Núria Camahort

Núria Camahort


Born and raised in Barcelona, Núria moved to the States in 2011. Ever since then she’s been involved in education. At first, helping nonprofit organizations working to improve nutrition in public school districts in Eastern Pennsylvania, then as a Spanish Immersion Substitute teacher and 3 years ago she started the unique Onsite Programs for preschoolers together with The Spanish Immersion Learning Center of Allentown. This is a very unique program where preschoolers from different centers take 2-3 lessons/week of Spanish Immersion. The program is aligned with the center’s curriculum, and it is a first exposure for non-Spanish speaking kids to a second language. Over the last two years Núria founded her own project “The Magic of Amigo”, a project entirely dedicated to help other organizations working for kid’s education. Núria is the author of “The Magic of Amigo” Series books (bilingual books to complete the curriculum), she also created the Spanish Immersion Preschool Curriculum for her courses and all benefits from books, curriculum, materials and classes are donated to charity.

In addition to her job, Núria enjoys running and walking in nature, yoga, spending time with her family and traveling as often and as far as possible!

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