Jocelyne Arocha Silva, MSc.

Jocelyne Arocha Silva, MSc.


Jocelyne Arocha Silva, MSc., comes from Margarita Island, Venezuela, in South America. She obtained her  major in Preschool Education and later a Masters in Educational Management in her home country, she is currently studying a Masters of Arts in  TESOL. Her experience began as a Preschool and later Elementary teacher. She comes from a family where her parents were teachers so this influenced her and  is a family interest. Her native language is Spanish and her second language is English; she considers that being a  bilingual teacher has opened many doors for her in her career. She just finished her third year as a Dual Language Immersion Fourth Grade teacher in North Carolina, and also taught English abroad at a Summer school at Nanjing, China in 2019. For Jocelyne, family comes first, but sharing information to others is also something that she likes to do.

My favorites
Food: Sushi
Drink:Sweet tea
Color: Blue
Candy: Jolly Ranchers
Music: Merengue
Hobbies: Early morning walks at the beach
Sport: Pilates
Subject: Social Studies and Science

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