Elyana Salas

Elyana Salas


Hello! My name is Elyana Salas, and I am the ESOL (English for Speakers of
Other Languages) teacher in Savannah, Georgia. Prior to moving to Savannah
to pursue my education, I lived in New York City. My parents are from the
Dominican Republic, and I am deeply rooted in the Latino culture. I love to
learn about different cultures, languages, and places of the world. I get
excited about diversity, and provide a positive and inclusive learning
environment to all of our students. Teaching is my passion, and I truly
love what I do. I am all about having fun while teaching, and have every
intention to raise the bar for ALL students in my classroom. I also love to
encourage teachers to keep raising the bar for themselves as the educators
in kids' lives. I know we may not reach every child, but we should all
possess the optimism to get up every day and try. *

*I was chosen as Godley Station's Teacher of the Year for the 2020-2021
school year! I am proud to be a bilingual educator and a bilingual mom. I
take pride in passing my love for being bilingual. Bilingualism provides
many educational advantages and perspectives very early on for kids. It's
important for us as educators and parents to see and value bilingualism for
it what it is. Being bilingual is a super power!

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