Denise Leitch

Denise Leitch


I am a devoted mother of two and a passionate educator and entrepreneur
who specializes in early childhood and elementary foreign language
education. Most importantly, I just love what I do. Being an early
childhood foreign language instructor and a business owner is one of the
most rewarding things I have ever done, other than being a mother… luckily
for me, I happen to be both!

I was born in Chile and moved to the United States during my senior year of
High School. I attended Bradley University and focused my studies on early
childhood education, cognitive and social psychology, child brain
development, and art.

I realized that by combining my love for nurturing children with my passion
for learning about new cultures, I could reach students in a way that went
above and beyond ordinary language learning.

For the last 16 years I have owned, directed, and taught at Lingua Garden
where I offer foreign language lessons nationwide to children and adults. I
have dedicated my time to teaching Spanish & French, creating new and
exciting foreign language curricula, training new educators & health
professionals, developing foreign language educational software, and most
importantly, spending quality time with my family.

Currently, professionally, I devote my time to develop engaging curriculum,
teach online lessons to children from all over the country, teach local
private/small group lessons, lead and facilitate conferences, workshops, &
training for early childhood educators, nursing students and homeschooling
families nationwide. When I am not working, I enjoy spending quality time
with my husband & kids who are being raised bilingual and multicultural.

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