Cindy Rodríguez

Cindy Rodríguez


Cindy Rodríguez is a Dual Language Teacher from Chicago,
Illinois.  Cindy grew up in her mother's hair salon and has spent her
summers on her grandmothers farm in Jalisco, México. She is the proud mom
of a bilingual toddler. When she's not chasing her son around the yard,
she's cooking up new allergy friendly recipes, catching up with friends or
doing zumba at home with her family.

Cindy has an undergraduate degree in Bilingual/Bicultural Education from
Northeastern Illinois University and a Master's Degree in Reading from
Concordia University. Currently, she is a K/1 Dual Language Teacher in
Illinois. She has been teaching for 12 years in Bilingual/Dual Language
education with experience in Kindergarten, 1st and 3rd grade. Cindy is a
certified Reading Specialist and uses her knowledge about literacy to
improve her craft as a Dual Language Teacher. Her experience as a split
teacher has given her the ability to be able to differentiate for a diverse
group of multilingual learners.

It was through her struggle as a Dual Language teacher that she created her
own resources to help her young learners access fun and engaging
materials.  In 2010, Cindy carried all of her resources in a purple
hand-me-down crate to her grade level meetings. She wanted to share with
other teammates who were also looking for student friendly materials. Her
principal said, "Hey look! There's Cindy's Bilingual Box." Her TPT store
came out of a need to find engaging materials for her students.  In the
summer of 2011, Cindy's Bilingual Box was created.  Cindy's products
include Dual Language Units, math, phonics and assessment products.

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